Our Story

Dean (Dino) Lambrecht was 18 years old when he told his parents he was going to drop out of engineering school and open a pizza parlor.

"Never made a pizza in my life," said Dino, He laughed and added, "My pizzas weren't very good."

Dino's Pizza has been at 19 S. Milwaukee St. in Plymouth, Wisconsin since June 11, 1962. And since then, it has gone from "not very good" to being considered some of the best that the midwest has to offer. In 1988, Dino's Pizza was named the best out of a survey of 12 states by Midwest Living Magazine, even beating the popular Gino's Pizza in Chicago. "They slowly got better and better and better," Dino said of his pizzas. "Eventually, it wasn't too bad."

Dino's Pizza was the first restaurant in Plymouth to have toasted submarine sandwiches, and has become a staple to this day. As Dino's Pizza was becoming the go-to pizzaria, Dino considered expanding to different locations including California, Australia, England and China, but he opted to stay in Plymouth. "I had a chance for some big stuff, and I tell you, I got a little nervous," Dino said. "Because if I lost, I lost everything. I've stuck 50 years in this joint. One mistake and I would've been done."

Over 50 years in the business, Dino didn't see himself leaving Dino's Pizza.

"I've met so many beautiful people, heard a lot of stories. Sometimes just having someone to talk to and a little advice can go a long way."

Although Dino is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through Dino's Pizza. After his passing, his family and staff have continued to run the business with the same dedication and passion that Dino had for over 50 years. They strive to maintain the quality of the pizzas and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere that Dino created. Even today, Dino's Pizza is beloved by many in Plymouth, Wisconsin, and people still come from far and wide to taste the famous pizzas that Dino's had become known for.

To honor Dino's memory, his family and staff have made a commitment to keep the tradition alive and ensure that Dino's Pizza remains a fixture in the community for years to come. His spirit lives on through his pizza and the memories he created with his customers.